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Student of the Month Bob Buchanan


In less than a year of study and writing, Bob has poetry accepted in The Mas Tequila Review and Ol’ Chanty– The Chanticleer Magazine Online. He has one book published and received with enthusiastic reviews. He has a second book in progress. This from someone who had not written a word until a year ago, when he began studying with Stellasue Lee. She counts him among her growing list of prodigies.

 On Saturday April 20, Bob will read selections from his first book, Beyond The Wall. He speaks to us of his escape from corporate success and personal failure, an escape that sets him on a journey of the heart across the desert to eventually find his own place of personal oasis and true flourishing of the spirit.

 No stranger to the desert, Bob lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Robby. On April 20, he travels to be with us here in Nashville, where he will be a featured reader at the Poetry Salon. To learn more, click here

 His book Beyond The Wall opens with this wonderful piece,



A shaman of sorts,

I left seven years ago,

left the concrete tower,

lined with mahogany and marble,

left the chieftains in business attire,

left ten-thousand of my fellows.


I left for the desert to shed the past,

feeling kinship with the Israelites,

who entered the parched Sinai

with hearts of slaves,

forgoing gold worship,

wandering for as long as it took

to be purged by trial and

emerge with hearts of warriors.


I filled my heart on a mountaintop,

watching a Golden Eagle soar,

deftly riding the gusting wind

ahead of a darkening storm.

I filled my heart with love.

I filled my heart with vision.

I filled my heart with Spirit.

I filled my heart.